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Our successful video production company wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic team members, who will work tirelessly to help you execute your project and deliver the results you’re hoping for. Read their stories below and contact us today.

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Audio Engineer & A.D


A media producer from Houston, Texas. They have been working in the creative industry professionally for over eight years, and stride to provide their clients with satisfactory content for their companies.


They specialize in video production and audio engineering. 


FUN FACT: " In my off time, I enjoy playing classical violin in symphonies around Texas. "

Assistant Photographer  


A filmmaker for over five years and growing. She considers herself a peppy & hilarious artist, who loves creating beautiful visuals that capture the heart, stirs the soul, and enlighten your mind. Nanine's passion stems from the quality time, love and support of her father, and a deep love for her island of Puerto Rico. She has always been one to follow her own path. Far from the norm is where she finds inspiration and is always trying her best to reflect that in her work. 

Nanine successfully runs two companies with their main focus on video production, for a variety of clients and is a proud owner of Seven Eight Seven Productions with her team. 

Talent Manager


A model and actress for over six years. Talent manager for Seven Eight Seven Productions and takes pride in communicating with other artists,  providing ambience for acting spaces while assisting and promoting her talent.


As the eldest grandchild of 9 and the oldest sibling of 3, she’s always had a passion for taking care of people. A bit on the quirkier side, she’s a bit mad, but there’s method to her madness

FUN FACT: I’m a Repti-mom! I have a veiled chameleon aptly named Steve Buscemi. 

Creative Director & Owner of Seven Eight Seven 


A filmmaker for over five years and growing. She considers herself a visual artist, who loves creating beautiful imagery that captures the heart, stirs the soul, and enlightens your mind. Nanine's passion stems from the quality time, love and support of her father, and a deep love for her island of Puerto Rico. She has always been one to follow her own path. Far from the norm is where she finds inspiration and is always trying her best to reflect that in her work. 

Nanine is a proud owner of Seven Eight Seven Productions, who loves connecting with her clients, and supporting her team in the successful production of commercial and artistic photo and video visual content. 

FUN FACT: "Cooking and Baking is my second passion! If I'm not filming, you'll most likely find me in the kitchen whipping up a savory dish or a sweet treat at home for my team to enjoy"

Live Show Recording


We are a dedicated team that can create compelling stories for your project, while having the creativity and skills, plus years of experience to produce beautiful illustrations and imagery through photo and video. 



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