by Seven Eight Seven

Our dedicated team members are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the vision of your wedding movie.


We’re consistently pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our projects, always in collaboration with our clients. 


See some of our work and process below!

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The perfect dress, shoes, earrings, and morning preparations, happen with strategic planning and an organization. The perfect crew that can capture all of that, is us.

Morning arrival, we make sure everyone is good spirits and is having fun. cause hey, IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY

We start by getting detailed shots of the essential like the wedding dress, groom tux, rings, hair & accessories. Making sure to capture lots of smiles, and heartfelt tears, as the clock ticks near the moment of truth. 

The get ready with me, adds great nostalgia to all the emotions and excitement from your wedding day to your movie. 


Everyone's ready and in position, and so are we! 

We make sure to capture the arrival of guests taking their place for what's about to take place and great establishing footage of where it will all take place. 

All eyes, (and cameras) on you! Capturing every tear, vow, and love-filled looks, that fill the room. Leading up to that moment, when you get to say "I DO" and to your first kiss as newlyweds. Your grand stroll down the aisle awaits towards your new lives together.  

This is the moment you'll look back for years to come, and we couldn't be more excited to capture it. 



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It's a done deal! You are now newlyweds, and it's time to live in the moment. No need to worry about remembering the speeches, we've got you covered! 

Our skilled team makes sure there is lots of B-roll of all your venue, decor, and more! As well, we make sure to get clean audio of all your speeches to relive those wonderful words said on that day. 

Now's the time to relax and have fun! We'll be sure that you remember all the dancing and great moments that took place that day. 

After all, is said and done, your wedding movie will be something great to watch with your family for years to come, and us here at Seven Eight Seven, couldn't be more proud to provide you with such great memories.



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